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6 & 8 mph Mobility Scooters

Road legal mobility scooters (Class 3 Mobility Scooter) offer long distance travel options with speeds between 6-8mph. All our road scooters have both front and rear lights, a max speed of 8mph, directional indicators, hazard warning lights, an audible horn, rear view mirrors and an efficient braking system. All these components allow them to comply with the British Government requirements for scooters. 

Our road scooters come fitted with have hard-wearing pneumatic tyres and suspension systems to help combat bumpy roads. Our 6-8mph mobility scooters offer the longest travel range available from a single charge of around 30 miles. Due to these mobility scooters being able to be driven on the road they must be registered with the DVLA. Insurance is not a legal requirement, but we do recommend you have a look at our Mobility Scooter Insurance products.

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Drive Envoy 8+ Mobility Scooter - Black & Blue
VAT Relief
Free Delivery
Does not include battery as standard

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